Reverse brain drain in india essay

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Young Indian engineer leaves Silicon Valley to find success back in India

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Reverse the Brain Drain

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REVERSE BRAIN DRAIN- A CONTRIBUTION TO INDIAN ECONOMY India is on the brink of an economic upturn as the phenomenon of brain drain has taken a role reversal in the last decade. The crème of the country’s management and technical acumen left due to inadequate opportunities and working conditions.

Reverse the Brain Drain. India, for example, currently experiences an annual foreign exchange outflow of $10 billion; Successful efforts to reverse brain drain can influence progress in many other areas of social change, especially those that require specialized expertise.

Aug 16,  · "Reverse brain drain" When it comes to student visas in the U.S., India ranks second only to China, accounting for every sixth international student studying in.

Reversing The Brain Drain – Essay Article shared by We have been crying hoarse about the brain drain from India over the last five decades or more, without going in for a well set blueprint to check the counter – productive phenomenon.

Reverse brain drain in india essay
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