Practice test for ielts writing answer

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IELTS General Training Writing Practice Tests

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IELTS Writing Test in 2018 with Sample Answer – Topic: Cities

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I can default this point of view but I cannot understand with it. The Writing Task 1 of the IELTS Academic test requires you to write a summary of at least words in response to a particular graph (bar, line or pie graph), table, chart, or process (how something works, how something is done).

This task tests your ability to select and report the main features, to describe and compare data, identify significance and trends in factual information, or. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) IELTS is one of the world's most popular English language proficiency test for those who aim to study, work or migrate where English language is the means of communication.

It tests an aspirant's English proficiency in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking on a nine-band scale.

IELTS Writing Practice Tests


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For a truly IELTS-like practice test, you should go straight from Listening to your IELTS practice test Reading section, and then straight from Reading to the IELTS Writing section.

There will usually be a break between IELTS Speaking and the rest of the exam. Get prepared: IELTS Academic Writing. The Academic Writing question types in computer-delivered IELTS are the same as in the paper-based test: In Part 1, you are presented with a graph, table, chart or diagram and are asked to describe, summarize or explain the information in your own words.

Jun 08,  · Writing a new sentence that just includes one statistic would mean a short sentence that would break up the flow of your writing.

3) respectively: A great word for task 1. You use it to show the order of your numbers if they are separate from the things they refer to.

Practice test for ielts writing answer
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