Mona lisa by leonardo da vinci english literature essay

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Portrait of Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci Essay

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Leonardo da Vinci

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Art History

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Art History Web Sites; Lesson Plans, Activities, and more; Art History Web Sites. The Metropolitan Museum of Art There is much quality material for art students, educators, and enthusiasts at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art web site. The “Mona Lisa”, also referred to as the “Portrait of Lisa Gherardini”, was commissioned by an unknown person or persons around A.D.

and painted by the highly revered artist Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci, known now as Leonardo Da Vinci ().

The Hundred Greatest Mathematicians of the Past. This is the long page, with list and biographies. (Click here for just the List, with links to the Click here for a.

San Francisco Performances Subscription Packages New Works: Four programs featuring commissions or emphasizing contemporary repertoire.

Subscribe to San Francisco Performances and you’ll enjoy the greatest flexibility, the most convenience and the best value when you subscribe to any of our packages. The Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait of a woman that was painted by the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

This portrait was painted in oil on white Lombardy Panel Paper. Mona Lisa also known as La Joconde or La Giocondo was made by a “Renaissance Man”, an Italian artist known as Leonardo da Vinci (Sassoon, ).The painting was later bought by the France King at that time King Francois.

Mona lisa by leonardo da vinci english literature essay
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