Exploring racial stereotypes in flight patterns english literature essay

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Does Literary Fiction Challenge Racial Stereotypes?

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Exploring Racial Stereotypes In Flight Patterns Essay add:/ Views: Entrenched within the racially charged dialogue between the main character and the taxi driver in Sherman Alexie's Flight Patterns is the following declaration: "I have a story about contradictions" (Alexie 58).

Flight was written by Sherman Alexie and published in by Black Cat, an imprint of Grove Press. A magical realist novel, it tells the story of a troubled Native American teen who has reached his breaking point after years of abuse at the hands of adults.

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Zits, the main character, feels excluded. Reviews, essays, books and the arts: the leading international weekly for literary culture.

Exploring Racial Stereotypes In Flight Patterns

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Exploring racial stereotypes in flight patterns english literature essay
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