End of life ethical issues essay

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Legal and ethical issues in nursing essay admission

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End of life ethical issues

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H. Badr Naga encounter ethical issues when caring for end of life patients and have to make a decision and choose between difficult or unacceptable options and are frequently obligated to use their own moral reasoning to solve these ethical issues (Elis & Hartley, ). End-of-life care is the term used to describe the support and medical care given during the time surrounding death.

Such care does not happen only in the moments before breathing ceases and the heart stops beating. Ethical issues are central to any discussion or reflection on aging and health care. The authors of the OJIN topic, Although when united nurses can influence and set policy related to end-of-life issues, the majority of nurses examine end-of-life issues at the personal level.

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Other issues regarding the legal aspects of end of life care, advance care planning, how to approach requests for potentially inappropriate and futile therapies.

In this workshop activity, you are required to investigate and report on ONE ethical principle as it is demonstrated in a case study situation, then review and assess the reports prepared by your fellow senjahundeklubb.com the case studies below and decide which ethical principles are involved in each situation.

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